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Practice Exam Marking Service

Students may submit practice examination papers for marking and feedback to help in their preparation for the RCM  examinations. Practice papers must be taken from the RCM Official Examination Papers, 2016 Edition or later.  This service is offered for Theory Levels 5 - 8 and History Levels 9-ARCT. 

Paper must be scanned or photographed and emailed to  The preference is a single multipage PDF file but JPEG files are also satisfactory.  Papers must be submitted one at a time and the previously submitted paper must be corrected and returned before the next paper will be accepted.  Papers are generally marked and returned with 48 hours. Upon the completion of a set, students may purchase marking for an additional package. Note:  No refunds are issued if student does not submit all three papers of a set. 

Theory Levels 5 - 8: One set (3 papers) - $30.00
History Levels 9-ARCT: One set (3 papers) $100.00