Gold Medal Music Academy
Piano and Theory Lessons

Studio Policies



Lessons are based on the RCM examination curriculum and will prepare students for RCM examinations and Kiwanis Music Festival competitions. Students are expected to accomplish the minimum daily practice requirements, attend group classes, participate in recitals and meet the standards in technique, theory and performance which are appropriate for their grade.  


Beginner students should practice 20 minutes each day.  The general rule for practice time is to add 5 minutes for each grade level so that a Grade VIII student would be expected to practice 60 minutes daily.  Grade IX students should increase the time to 90 minutes. Practice needs to be DAILY - a minimum of five practice sessions per week. Students who are involved in activities which preclude them from daily practice should not register for lessons in this studio. 


With the new 2016 RCM Theory syllabus, co-requisite theory requirements are now instituted for all practical levels, with examinations starting at Level 5. 


A non-exam, non- competitive curriculum is available for students who opt out of the standard program. 


FeesTuition is based on 36 private lessons. Fees are payable in 10 equal installments due on the first day of each month from September to June. Students are asked to bring ten postdated cheques to their first lesson. 

The length of the private lesson is determined by the student’s level of study. As a general guide, students begin with 30 minutes of instruction per week. When a student reaches Level 4, the time is extended to 45 minutes. Level 8 students require 60 minutes. Beginning at Level 5, a 15 minute theory lesson is added to the practical lesson.  When possible, theory students will be scheduled in a group (e.g. 2 students for 30 minutes, 4 students for 60 minutes). 

Additionally, a non-refundable registration fee of $25.00 per student is charged to cover expenses for performance classes, recitals and the yearly issued student binders. This fee is due with registration and will hold the student’s place in the 2019-20 teaching schedule. 

​FEES FOR 2019-20

30 min.   $950/year = monthly payments of $95
45 min.   $1,425/year = monthly payments of $142.50
60 min.   $1900/year =monthly payment of $190


Parents who help their young children with practicing are welcome to attend lessons. It is not mandatory for parents to attend lessons and they should do so only if they are able to give their full attention to the lesson. Siblings should not be brought to the lesson if they are unable to sit quietly and become a distraction to the parent and/or student.  

Parents who do not attend the lesson are asked to remain involved in piano lessons by regularly checking student assignment books for comments, notes, important dates, etc. Additionally, they should assist the student by providing an appropriate practice atmosphere, and by contacting the teacher when they have questions or problems arise. 


If a student cancels a lesson for any reason, THE TEACHER IS NOT OBLIGED TO RESCHEDULE, AND NO REFUND WILL BE FORTHCOMING.  However, if the teacher must cancel a lesson, the student’s time of instruction will be made up. Please remember that you are reserving the teacher’s time as well as her services.  When advance notice is given, parents may request an alternate time understanding that there is very little flexibility in the teaching schedule and it may not be feasible to reschedule. Lessons cancelled on the day or due to time taken for vacation will not be made up.  


Student who are accepted into the studio are expected to commit to lessons for the music year - i.e. September - June. It is my policy to refer overflow students to other teachers in September and therefore, a student who discontinue in the middle of the year will leave a vacancy in the teaching schedule.  


Parent- Teacher Contact

Because I do not take phone calls during lessons, I am often unavailable by phone.  Please contact me by email or text and, when it requires, I will get back to you by email or phone.  Studio information is forwarded by email and so it is important that parents supply a current email address and that they check their account regularly. If parents wish to discuss an issue with the teacher at the lesson, please be sure that this is initiated during your child's time and not after the lesson has finished when the time belongs to the next student.